Customer Reviews

The browser-based interface allows us to place a QR code on the screen and provided touchless check-ins. Our check-in process only takes 5 seconds per person instead of minutes.
Confitemp has also eliminated both user error and risk of cross contamination from handheld infrared readers, and is more accurate to boot!

The Engine By MIT

Coworking Space/Venture Capital

We were looking for fast and reliable solution to take the temperature of all residents each day.
We really like the ConfiTemp Kiosk, it has a user friendly back-end and front-end UI.
On average it reads temperatures in 1-2 seconds .


Innaovation hub

We are a Massachusetts based companyy and we are happy to support another local business. ConfiTemp provided us a kiosk and their team implemented extra features to the device, such as gesture and facial recognition. Now, we have a fully automated entryway.

1620 USA

WorkWear Manufacturer