Automated Temperature Screening

ConfiTemp One is a body temperature access control platform that combines medical-grade multi-Sensor technology with an intelligent facial detection algorithm to provide highly accurate thermal monitoring for employees and customers

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ConfiTemp developed a technology that can detect respiratory infection and COVID-19 by analyzing visitor's breath and cough.

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Customer Reviews

ConfiTemp is more than a temperature screening kiosk, it is an all-in-one access control platform. The browser-based interface allows us to place a QR code on the screen and provided touchless check-ins. Our check-in process only takes 5 seconds per person instead of minutes. Confitemp has also eliminated both user error and risk of cross-contamination from handheld infrared readers, and is more accurate to boot!

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We were looking for a fast and reliable solution to take the temperature of all residents each day. We like the ConfiTemp Kiosk, it has a user-friendly back-end and front-end UI. On average it reads temperatures in 1-2 seconds .


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We are a Massachusetts based company and we are happy to support another local business. ConfiTemp provided us a kiosk and their team implemented extra features to the device, such as gesture and facial recognition. Now, we have a fully automated entryway.

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